Patricia King Research Grants

Research Grant Fellowships

These are fellowships named in honor of Patricia King (1937-1994) the first Carl and Lily Pforzheimer Director of the Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America at Radcliffe College. King was elected to the Radcliffe chapter of Phi Beta Kappa as an undergraduate, and served as an officer until her death. The fellowships, intended to sustain the independent and original research essential to any outstanding thesis or project, were originally a program of the Radcliffe chapter but are now open to men and women students. Students do not apply for these fellowships separately, but are automatically considered when they apply to the Harvard College Research Program for a summer award. For more information see:

Fellowship Winners 2022

Do Yeon Kim (Class of 2023)
Image-Based Sexual Abuse and Stigma

Fellowship Winners 2020

Edward Kim (Class of 2021)
Comparison of the inflammatory response in cases of colitis using single cell transcriptomic data

Alec Sun (Class of 2021)
List Decoding for Insertion-Deletion Codes

Fellowship Winners 2019

Taimur Aziz (Class of 2020)
Mulla Sadra's innovative ontological epistemology (knowledge by Being) and its legacy in South Asia

Isaac Sebenius (Class of 2020)
Deep learning to identify novel genetic contributions to ALS

Fellowship Winners 2018

Laura Kanji (Class of 2019)
On the relationship between emotion regulation flexibility and stress

Hanson Tam (Class of 2019)
Mechanism of Peroxisomal Membrane Protein Insertion in Yeast

Fellowship Winners 2017

Alexandra Smith (Class of 2018)
Corporate Responsibility and Government Sponsored Disaster Relief in US Agriculture

Andrew O'Donohue (Class of 2018)
A Comparative Study of Turkey's 1961 and 1982 Constitutions and their Effect on Democratization

Feng Zhou (Class of 2018)
The role of gendered language in the prediction of cardiovascular symptomology

Fellowship Winners 2016

Daniel Rothchild (Class of 2017)
Designing, Implementing, and Assessing an Improved Scheduler for the LSST

Bo Seo (Class of 2017)
Can we accommodate identity politics within the contemporary doctrine of human rights?

Joule Voelz (Class of 2017)
On the emergence of American female theatre directors in the 20th century

Fellowship Winners 2015

Henry Burnam (Class of 2016)
On the Relationship between Hearing and the Objects of Music-Theoretical Discourse

Shirley Mo (Class of 2016)
Mathematical Modeling of HIV Viral Dynamics In Response to Slow-Release Therapeutics

Colton Valentine (Class of 2016)
Thinking Intertextually: Time Consciousness in Milorad Paviç

Fellowship Winners 2014

Daniel Backman, Class of 2015
Local Economies and Gentrification in Chicago's South Side

Seo Yeon (Sandy) Kim, Class of 2015
The Effect of Executive Function Depletion on the Processing of Garden-Path Sentences

Rachel Wong, Class of 2015
They Spread Their Influence with their Feet”: Chinese Communist Party Propaganda 1934-1949

Fellowship Winners 2013

Alexander J. Diaz (Lowell) Class of 2014
Research on de-minding and dehumanization on an implicit level

Andrew Lea (Lowell) Class of 2014
Research on the history of sex reassignment surgery

Jenny Lu (Mather) Class of 2014
Research towards a single cell DNase-seq technique

Fellowship Winners 2012

Samantha Berstler (Kirkland) Class of 2014
Approaching a model for determining ethical consent within the BDSM subculture

Madeline Zhu (Mather) Class of 2013
Research toward a bio-archaelogical study of funerary patterns in Marcajirca, Peru

Cole Chokran (Quincy) Class of 2013
Research on the prosocial benefits of denying free will

Fellowship Winners 2011

Antonia Michelle Rosen Peacocke (Adams) Class of 2012
Summer thesis research in neuroaesthetics

Tyler Brian Runge (Quincy) Class of 2012
Research into the factors that influence the development of foster care policies in California

Madeleine Marthe Schwartz (Kirkland) Class of 2012
Summer thesis research on Aulus Gellius

Matthew George Tung (Dunster) Class of 201
Characterizing the Role of Get4/5 in the TRC-Mediated Insertion of Tail-Anchored Proteins

Fellowship Winners 2010

Alexander Karadjian (Lowell) Class of 2011
"The Influence of Sebastiano Serlio's Architectural Treatise"

Arnav Tripathy (Pforzheimer) Class of 2011
"Applications of Hodge Theory to Classical Algebraic Geometry"

Helen Yang (Currier) Class of 2011
"Characterization of Protein Interaction Partners of MeCP2"